I Have Lost Myself by Ginger Liu


I Have Lost Myself by Ginger Liu
I Have Lost Myself by Ginger Liu

If memory is the core of our identity, what happens to our sense of self when it is lost?

I Have Lost Myself are the words spoken by Doctor Alzheimer’s first diagnosed patient with Alzheimer’s disease.  When my mother was diagnosed I became her full-time carer.

Her Manchester School of Art  MFA Photography (2017) video installation, I Have Lost Myself and Give Me the Key, is a powerful and disturbing compilation from nearly 300 videos, filmed over 30 days, depicting the raw and honest portrait of living with dementia and the blurring of artist process.

I Have Lost Myself documents the daily rehearsals and technical experiments of Give Me the Key, filmed daily over a thirty day period for the production of a live performance piece about living with dementia. Yet what unfolds is the fusing of performance and reality as the artist slowly loses her sense of self.

I Have Lost Myself is a powerful and disturbing statement on family relationships and responsibility, where art and real life inevitably collide.

I Have Lost Myself – HD Video, 28 minutes, color/sound

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Ginger Liu

Ginger Liu is a Visual Artist and Filmmaker and divides her time between Los Angeles and London MFA Photography - Film 2017 - Manchester School of Art MA Photography - Manchester School of Art BA. (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice: London's University of Westminster - Photography, Film, Digital Imagery

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