“Identity Unclaimed” by GLIU Photography


GLIU Photography

“Identity Unclaimed”

Formby beach is mostly empty of people¬†as much of it is a national secret of tranquil beauty on the English coastline. Looking south one can see Liverpool’s majestic wind turbines and the ferries or ships that cruise towards Ireland. In the north¬†is Blackpool’s coastline; its tower looking tiny from a distance. From the east where I’d come from are the pine trees and grasslands protected by the National Trust.

But I wanted to get closer to the debris which is washed ashore day by day; the glass, plastic containers, fishing lines, bits of wood and beach balls. The beach is awash with crab shells and seaweed. This year alone two bodies were washed ashore; their identity unclaimed.

I walked some distance until I found a rotting carcass. I was hoping it was a small whale but on close inspection I couldn’t decide if it was a sea lion or a dolphin. The animal’s face had been eaten away and its identity unknown. I took photographs while a couple of passersby tried to guess what it was. One man decided it was a porpoise and who was I to argue with him. The body was breaking down and blood oozed out of a hole on the side of its body.

Further up the beach lay the trashed body of a sea bird with it’s ribcage resembling the devoured bird of a Sunday roast; its identity unclaimed.