The Johanneans #4 by Ginger Liu at MSA Manchester

MSA in Manchester is to exhibit the artist group show ‘Accidental Archives,’ with contributions from Los Angeles and London based artist, Ginger Liu. GLIU will exhibit her multimedia work, The Johanneans #4, which showcases an autobiographical visual reading of family, migration, memory and identity. Color photographic works by Ginger Liu are available for purchase as ‘Memories for Sale’ on the artist’s e-commerce Shopify website: Punctum #4.

The Johanneans #4 by Ginger Liu exhibition at MSA
The Johanneans #4 by Ginger Liu exhibition at MSA

The Johanneans #4 by Ginger Liu

The work consists of The Punctum -125 color photographs produced from scanned copies from the green family photo album and pricked through the center on a paper or invoice spike. The Family Photo Album – a vintage 1960’s photo album bought on eBay. Punctum #4 is a live Shopify e-commerce website displayed on an i-Pad where consumers can purchase individual photographs or memories for $1,000. The audio – Dear Noni and John is read by me and out of sequence, it forms a random element of this work and accompanies the e-commerce website

The Johanneans #4 Monograph

From the opening image of the artist’s family boarding the SS United States Ship from Southampton to their arrival in New York and ultimately Los Angeles. Her father’s memoir, mother’s notes and aunt’s letters form a narrative of a life journey and of a life chance.

If only. If only. Until the final image of a reluctant return to England.

Mixed media photo book

7×7 in, 18×18 cm, 88 pages

Uncoated paper

Oatmeal linen hardcover.

Punctum #4 

Memories for sale with the artist’s customized e-commerce website from Shopify.

Punctum #4 showcases reprints from scanned images of original color prints from the Family Photo Album where shoppers can purchase individual reprints of memories to form their own Family Photo Album.

Memories are precious. Each 5×5 or 5×3 C-Type print retails at $1,000.

Audio: Dear Noni and John 

The artist reads 100 plus letters written from June 1967 to March 1969 by Noni’s older sister Christine in Crosby, NW England. These letters form a narrative of the family’s immigration to the USA from England.

The incredible number of letters sent over a relatively short period of time is echoed in the artist’s gradual exasperation and fatigue from reading incessantly for 2:49:18.

Read out of sequence, they form a random element of this work.

The Punctum

One Paper Spike and multiple photographs reprinted from scans of original prints from the Family Photo Album which pricks, bruises me.

The Family Photo Album

Vintage 1960’s photo presentation album purchased from eBay stands in as a replica to the artist’s Family Photo Album.

The original deemed too precious with its photographs and memories of a journey and a birth.

Too precious to leave the artist’s house. The phony rests open and empty and bereft of memories.

The Johanneans #4:

Audio: Dear Noni and John: The artist reads 100 plus letters/correspondence between sisters Christine and Noni which form a narrative of her family’s immigration to the USA from England. Read out of sequence, they form the random element of this piece.

Punctum #4: iPad: Memories for Sale through professional e-commerce site Shopify. Individual images from the family album sell for $1,000.

The Punctum: Paper Spike and Images from the family photo album which pricks, bruises me.

The Johanneans #4: Monograph Artist Book

The Family Photo Album: Vintage 1960’s album from eBay

Ginger Liu Photography


Accidental Archives

The Johanneans #4

25 March – 24 April, 2016


Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6BH


0758 577 1083

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Ginger Liu

Ginger Liu is a Visual Artist and Filmmaker and divides her time between Los Angeles and London MFA Photography - Film 2017 - Manchester School of Art MA Photography - Manchester School of Art BA. (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice: London's University of Westminster - Photography, Film, Digital Imagery

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